You guys knew the Sean Spicer parody, @sean_spicier, would have a lot to say about Brett Kavanaugh, right? Full disclosure, that’s why we went over to his timeline but then we saw so many tolerant Lefties coming ‘unglitterglued’ over his tweets about Nike and McCain’s funeral we knew we’d have to do another compilation.

The hits just keep on comin’ for our favorite parody.

Enjoy (and happy Friday!):

Yeah, seeing an awful lot of white people protesting Kavanaugh. The Resistance is racist!


And wait, what?

Where or were?

And umm … yuck.

Lefties, amirite?

Psh, always blaming the  Pope.

It’s the suit, man.

See, told you.

The suit.


Freakin’ Jay Carney, man.

Bonus tweet on Andrew Gillum …

Nothing says failure like screeching at a parody account because you think he’s the real deal.

Good times.


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