You guys remember when Spartacus was put to death for disclosing confidential scrolls that actually weren’t confidential, yeah?


Well, Marco Rubio put his own spin on the story to troll Cory Booker and holy crap, our sides.


This was FUNNY.

So guess how the Resistance types reacted to Marco’s tweet:


Holy cow.

And we thought the Senate Dems were melodramatic.


They seriously have no sense of humor.


We can’t help it. Every time we read a tweet like this all we can hear is the sound adults make in Peanuts cartoons. ‘Wah wah, wah wah wah wah.

They try so hard, too.

If we rolled our eyes any further into the back of our heads we’d actually harm ourselves.


Oh brother.

But it’s AOK for them to pretend they’re standing up to the MAN when they’re really not to pander and pretend for the base. That is, if they’re Democrats.


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