Poor Kamala Harris.

Cory Booker totally out-campaigned her yesterday. Sure, he made a total jackass out of himself BUT the Left doesn’t care. They don’t even care that he lied about being ‘Spartacus’ and releasing confidential documents … that had already been approved for release. Kamala definitely has her work cut out for her if she’s going to exploit this hearing for her own political means.

Which we all know is her true intent.

This photo she tweeted of herself talking to Rachel Maddow in the closet was an interesting and adorably desperate attempt to stay relevant after a long day of the media focusing on Spartacus:

Yeah yeah yeah, we know there’s a closet joke about Rachel here but we’re not making said joke because we’re mature and stuff.

Even though we kinda sorta made the joke by saying we wouldn’t make the joke but hey …


‘Hey, Kamala. Would you go get some more pretzels? We’re out.’


She did find Jimmy Hoffa, does that count?

Speaking of Jimmy Hoffa …

‘Cory is always upstaging me with his Spartacus BS.’

Too soon.


She does know that, which is why she’s not really focusing so much on Kavanaugh but on what she thinks she can use to run for president.

We all know what’s really going on with the Democrats with this hearing. It’s not so much about who Kavanaugh is or what he might do on the SCOTUS. It’s about the man who nominated him and what the Left can do to use this situation to run against him in 2020.


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