Alyssa Milano keeps missing the memo on all things political.

This thread where she calls Cory Booker a patriot for releasing documents he was told LAST NIGHT that he could release tells you everything you need to know about her motivations. Well, the Left’s motivations. They lie and grandstand and assume people are too dumb to know any better, and every time, they get caught.

Cory was ‘Spartacus’ for what, two hours before it came out that he was a pandering liar. You’d think Alyssa would pull this thread down but oh no …

America! Take note! The Left LIES and the American people know it. What Booker did today is not standing with the American people, it was a blatant and embarrassing campaign ad.

Words are just words. And nobody knows that better than the Democrats.


The level of shaming she’s trying to do here while we all know that Booker LIED about the documents and released them because it was OK … oh man.

Because Democrats are totally against abortion.

Oh, wait.

Never mind.

Holy cow could she be any more full of it?

We’re assuming this is 5/5 although she stopped counting at 4/5.

So much bullsh*t. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if a bull walked by this article, saw her tweets and was like, ‘WOW, that’s a lot of bullsh*t.’

Lots of people and their families are digging the tax cut. But hey man, Cory released documents he had permission to release! That’s patriotism.

*eye roll*

It was epically bad.

In ANY way.


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