This tweet from Benny Johnson about how Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren basically conned Cory Booker into making a fool of himself releasing documents that were ok’d for release is seriously one of the funniest things we’ve read today.

And remember, we just wrote about a thread where Alyssa Milano called Cory a patriot so you KNOW this here is funny.


It reads like a sequel to Mean Girls except it would be Mean Old’ish Ladies.

All of that being said, with the amount of evidence we’ve seen that Democrats are indeed planning these protests and acts of grandstanding, it’s not all that ‘out there’ to think this is similar to the real conversation they may have had.

We know it was you, Fredo.


And we just died again.

Thanks for that.

Of course, he is. Even TBone believes in him.


Cory Booker wasn’t the hero they wanted, but he was the hero they needed.

OMG, we just laughed so hard we might have actually hurt ourselves.

What a day!


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