Anyone else finding it odd that Alyssa Milano spends a lot of time pretending she cares about life with her whole anti-gun schtick but then turns around and whines about any sort of regulation or law around abortion? Seriously. You’d think if she cares about protecting lives she’d care about protecting the most innocent life of all …

But hey, what do we know?

We have an idea, let’s just ask women to do a better job of regulating their own uteruses themselves? Including Alyssa.


BE responsible, make better choices, and don’t force an innocent unborn human being to pay the ultimate price for your bad choices.

Not difficult.

We’re not sure that’s how it works.




We’re actually pretty sure she doesn’t get it.

What a radical idea!

Listening to women like Alyssa you’d think women’s vaginas are just dragging them all over forcing them to have unprotected sex.

It’s unbelievably backward.

Because of course, Rosanna does.


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