Sounds like Sharyl Attkisson had a conversation with Buzzfeed reporter, Tasneem Nashrulla, that didn’t go so hot … for Tasneem. Apparently, Buzzfeed made an inquiry about her Media Bias chart that she called ‘so sloppy that it was particularly remarkable’. Not to mention, the reporter only contacted her AFTER the piece had been published and then they refused to make any corrections she requested.

Because Buzzfeed


I asked that Tom correct the misimpressions given in BuzzFeed article, particularly the false implication that I somehow used InfoWars to explain or develop my chart. I pointed out that the InfoWars link I included was among a selection of links at the bottom of my article pointing to alternate media bias charts that are different than mine– so people can consult different views than mine.

Nonetheless, Tom said he said he wasn’t going to change anything in the article because, “The fact is you linked to a conspiracy theory website.”

And that was that.


So basically Buzzfeed proved her Media Bias chart right by acting like a group of unprofessional, biased harpies.

Way to go, guys.

It’s more about controlling the message than it is reporting the story.




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