You know when you see a tweet with a video and you really, really, really, really hope it’s real? This tweet from Adam Baldwin with footage of Kavanaugh and Zina Bash (who was accused of flashing a white power sign earlier this week) truly owning the trolls is just such a tweet.

Remember Zina? You know, the gal who is related to Holocaust survivors? She was the innocent woman Amy Siskind and the rest of the Resistance mob accused of being a racist because she held her hand a certain way. Yeah, it was VILE. But at this point, the Left is so desperate to paint Kavanaugh as a bad choice that they’ll do anything and hurt anyone to get it done.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

SEE?! Please let this be real because it’s SO GOOD.

Talk about the ultimate trolling if so.

She wins.

Zina Bash is our new spirit animal.


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