CNN lecturing anyone about the First Amendment after they deliberately targeted another outlet for months to silence them is absolutely vomit-inducing.

Yes, we know what the First Amendment means and how it works, you smug troglodytes. We also know that what you did to Infowars and Alex Jones (even if we agree that they’re crazy town) was really sideways and dirty. It doesn’t have to be against their Constitutional rights to be eff’d up.

Blah blah blah blah.

So annoying.

Talking down to people is such a winning strategy. *eye roll* And they wonder why so many of us think they blow.

It’s just sanctimonious blathering at this point.




Oh wait, nope.

CNN isn’t exactly known for their consistency.

There is probably more truth in this tweet than CNN would like to admit.

They’ve all but martyred Alex Jones and Infowars.

Way to go, guys.

And that’s the REAL kicker here and the true slippery slope many people are talking about. What will CNN do if and when Twitter decides they’re a danger? Oh wait, that’s right, Twitter approves of them so they’re probably safe.

How convenient.

But tell us more about the First, CNN.


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