As Twitchy reported earlier this week, Sharyl Attkisson took the media’s divisive rhetoric apart, encouraging people to turn their computers off, get out of big cities, and look around at real communities in this country. She wrote that people are actually fine and that all races are living and working together without any strife …

It was a pretty epic tweet.

And since she had the AUDACITY to claim all races are getting along, trolls stormed her timeline to call her a racist.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write these tweets.

Umm … wut?

And Susan?

We’re not entirely sure how Sharyl could make out ANY point in that nonsense but that’s why she’s the famous journalist and this editor just writes about her.


She said get out of bigger cities, which would include D.C. but ALRIGHTY then.


Yes. We. Are.


*this is literally killing it, FYI*

Whoa-oh, not the CAPS LOCK.

We’re so confused. ROFL.

People on the Left can’t accept that people of all colors, sexes, creeds, and ability do indeed work and live side-by-side without strife, every day, because their entire narrative is built and based on the idea of identity politics.

No wonder Sharyl’s tweet made them so mad.

Truth hurts


They’re doing exactly the opposite of what her original tweet said to do because she threatened their agenda.


She said please.

Just a thought.


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