Chuck Todd apparently thinks making fun of people with mental illness is a clever way to subtweet the masses and their ‘conspiracy theories’.

Welp, if anyone knows about conspiracy theories it’s Chuck.

We’re fairly certain he was making a dig at Trump but if you think about it, this guy works for MSNBC … was this a Mea Culpa?

JUST KIDDING. Like his brethren in the traditional media, he thinks he’s above those nutty people with their conspiracy theories, he’d never have the guts to take a look at himself and his profession in the mirror.

Absolutely. So when do we all start looking away from Chuck’s tweets? Oh, wait, he doesn’t want THAT. Just those other nutty conspiracy tweets.

Paging Lanny Davis.

Yup, Chuck ticked everyone off with this tweet, even the resist-types.

That works for us.


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