Seems the Left has moved on from Russian collusion to Michael Cohen being that one piece that will finally give them the proof they need to impeach Trump. The only problem is, the Cohen case seems more and more likely to be another big ol’ nothing-burger.

The kind the Left has been choking down for months now.

Kimberley Strassel summed it up perfectly:

From the Wall Street Journal:

Michael Cohen’s accusations have replaced Russian collusion as Washington’s reason-du-jour to impeach Donald Trump, which may explain why few are reporting that Mr. Cohen has cast further doubt on what was supposedly a key piece of collusion evidence.

In other words … womp womp.

The Left loses again.

They’d be better off to admit the main reason they want Trump impeached in the first place is that he won. That’s it. Odds are these same harpies would be going after any GOP who had beat their queen in 2016.

We’re not holding our breath.

It’s starting to feel like the Left is so desperate to get Trump out of office that they’re throwing crap at the wall and hoping something finally sticks.

Without realizing they have truly become the boy who cried wolf.

First it was Russia.

Then it was Stormy.

Then it was Russia again.

Then it was Manafort.

And then it was Russia.

Now it’s Cohen.

And none of it pans out.

We almost feel sorry for them.


Hilarious, ain’t it?


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