As more and more SJWs/feminists (the same thing?) come out of the woodwork blaming the Jacksonville shooting on ‘toxic masculinity’ (right after we spent days listening to them insist Mollie Tibbett’s death was due to the same thing), a thread examining their go-to scapegoat is just what sane people needed to read.

Thank goodness @Patriot_Musket took it upon himself to take them and their silly narrative APART tweet by tweet.

See for yourself.

Sounds like it’s a cyclical thing.

We got ya’.

In other words, SJWs shame men for being men.

Because any young man who complains is accused of having privilege and then disregarded.


So in essence, SJWs create their own monsters and then complain about the monsters they created.

How convenient.

This editor has a son just starting middle school, and it’s not the toxic masculinity she worries about … it’s the toxic environment being created by feminists and SJWs framing men in general as toxic. It’s a scary time to be a mom of a son.


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