Psh, and after we gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a shout out on Sunday for her tweet about the passing of Senator John McCain.

Double psh.

We should have known she’d be back to posting crazy in a matter of days (hours). Like this ‘list’ of things she seems to think she’ll get to investigate the GOP over if Democrats win the House. Interesting this is where her mind goes … not to helping her constituents but revenge for perceived crimes that don’t actually exist.

This IS the Democratic Party folks:

Ok, so let’s go through her list, shall we?

  • Notice how she leaves out how badly certain officials in Puerto Rico handled things on their end …
  • Huh? Which human rights violations is she talking about?
  • ROFL. Sorry, we can’t even take this one seriously.
  • Banning travel from seven countries (suggested by Obama) that foster terrorism and do a poor job keeping track of their people.
  • Paging Hillary Clinton

OMG, the stupid burns.


And this is why Democrats love her.

Hey, if she really wants to investigate some juicy scandals she should take a look at her own party even now. Keith Ellison ring any bells?

You need to chill.


Hey, listen to your constituents, Alexandria.

That. ^


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