Our favorite parody account and yours, @Sean_Spicier, seems to have gotten himself blocked by the one and only Rep. Steve Cohen. Granted, Cohen blocks anyone with a pulse who disagrees with him even slightly but part of us would like to think the representative who wanted to award Peter Strzok the Purple Heart for sh*t-talking Trump thought for just a moment Spicer himself was busting on him.

Even if that’s not the case, this was great reading on Spicier’s timeline.

Was it something Sean said? ROFL

Honestly, this editor couldn’t say for sure, Cohen blocked her months ago.

He’s sorta sensitive like that.

Here’s the tweet:

If Cohen’s goal is to help Cruz by praising Beto, then it’s a win-win here.


Apparently, it was.

Looking through Spicier’s timeline there is also a tweet about the Nazi that ICE deported from New York City last week, which if course caused the Resistance types to shake their angry little fists and post angry things at him.



Ugh, these people really think like that.

The irony.

Another tweet about free speech:

They care so little they had to respond. Yup.


And finally this zinger about the Manafort trial.

We’re pretty sure being a funny MOFO comes naturally for Sean … but maybe not the classy thing.

Then again, the classy thing doesn’t come naturally to us either.



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