As Twitchy readers know, Donald Trump inadvertently referenced Sharyl Attkisson’s ‘media bias chart’ in his tweets this morning about how Google is manipulating results to wrongly target him.

It was this chart from Sharyl:

Now whether or not this is true, and Sharyl’s chart doesn’t really say that Google is manipulating results, it just shows a liberal bias, Media Matters’ Matthew Gertz took issue with the whole kit and kaboodle.

Because you know, Media Matters.


She’s correct.

They are far Left.

Sharyl fired back:

Maybe Matt is just worried about the competition on the Left?


Side convo …


Back to their back and forth.

Matt responded like you’d expect someone from Media Matters to:

Wow, he sure told her.


Then his britches got all sorts of bunched up.

What a sore loser.


Blah blah blah.

Says the person defending NBC, WaPo, and NYT.

Oh, our sides.

She’s so good at this.

Ha! Excellent point.


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