Well, thank GOODNESS Alyssa Milano took it upon herself to write down what she thinks it means to be a Democrat because you know, we were super worried we didn’t know what it meant.


Every once in a while we come across a special tweet that feels like a gift from the Twitchy Gods … and this is one of those tweets.

Narrator: Yes, she does want to take away our guns. And she does want open borders. And she doesn’t know about the plight of ‘real Americans’. And she’s fine with the government providing Americans handouts.

Hey, if she’s a Democrat that’s just a given.

She loves her country enough to see beyond flag waving? WTF does that even mean?


You want to see something even sillier than her tweet about being a Democrat?

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d hurt ourselves.

The funniest comments though are from people calling her out and telling her to remove the word ‘access’ because they want all that stuff and they want it for free. Access means work, and they can’t have that, now can they?

Like we said, Twitchy gold.



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