If you pay attention at all to social media and the news, you know that THE END IS NIGH.

Or at least that the world is apparently so horrible it might as well be. Day in and day out, we read nothing from the media except that TRUMP IS KILLING THE COUNTRY and that everyone hates everyone … and it’s exhausting.

And scary.

That being said, the Left (and sadly even some on the Right) use fear to garner votes and support, so they need that scary narrative out there. The narrative that says, ‘Vote for us or Trump will kill all the puppies!’

Sharyl Attkisson though hasn’t been fooled and in fact, took that silly narrative apart in one perfect tweet.

The media WANT us scared and angry.

We’re far easier to manipulate when we’re not thinking straight.


Yup. But according to the media, it’s like DOGS AND CATS are living together! Mass hysteria!

Hey, it sells ‘papers.’

Ha ha ha ha.


Full transparency, one of this editor’s best childhood friends is fairly left-leaning and we still really like each other. CRAZY right?

Fear and division sell.


The account Sharyl was originally quote-tweeting apparently received harassment for his tweet and asked that we remove it. – Ed


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