We THINK David Hogg meant to write some sort of letter to Smith & Wesson threatening them with these two tweets but it’s really hard to tell because well … this isn’t how you write a letter. Notice his interesting comma placement:

He’s also missing a colon since he’s making a list.


But yes, tell us more about it was political when he wasn’t accepted into any college.


David, David, David. Dude. Stop.

We get it, his 15 minutes were up 20 minutes ago and he’s really, really, really trying to get attention but holy cow. We’d tell him to stay in school but it’s too late for that.


‘Do what I say out of love or I will destroy you!’


David is the best gun salesman since Obama.

But Trump!

Wait, that doesn’t work here.

And no, we’re pretty sure he doesn’t understand how any of these gun laws work.

When their sales go up (which we know they will) we hope they send David a thank you note in response to his threatening ‘letter’.



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