Last night, shortly after John McCain passed away, President Trump did tweet out his condolences to the family. Truth be told, nothing he said or tweeted was going to go over well with everyone (or anyone) but this editor was actually relieved the tweet itself was at least normal.

Well, normal for Trump.

Kathy Griffin though completely lost her SH*T on the president …

Because you know, she was such a fan of the late senator.

Except she really wasn’t.

Not at all.


Perhaps it is she who should take McCain’s name out of her mouth.



Was there ever any doubt?

They all hated him until they could pretend he was on their side since he and Trump didn’t see eye-to-eye.

Which makes her outrage at Trump sending his condolences even dumber.

Ugh, let’s hope not.

Perspective. Kathy Griffin?

Yeah, that’ll happen.


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