Meghan McCain wrote quite possibly one of the loveliest tributes a daughter could write to her father John McCain. We suggest you grab a tissue (or five) before reading the following:

Truth be told, the majority of people on Meghan’s thread, even the Lefties, were fairly respectful of McCain’s post and her father. Sure, there were a few horrible people (it IS Twitter), but for the most part, people were supportive.

It wasn’t until Sarah Sanders reached out to Meghan to offer her condolences that the Left absolutely reminded us of who they really are:

What she said is lovely and respectful.

The rest of these comments, not so much.

Doncha love how this guy is exploiting McCain’s death to push an article on his own crappy site? Classy.


On a thread where she was sending her condolences.

We used to joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome … used to.

She wasn’t speaking for John McCain?

So now the Left thinks they own McCain’s death?

Alrighty then.

She says as she cares enough about what Sarah says to answer her on Twitter.

These people.

Sweethearts, the lot of ’em.

Six years ago these same people were calling McCain a racist and claiming he wasn’t mentally well enough to be in politics.

Hypocritical much?

Like we said, these people.


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