Kimberley Strassel noticed something kinda sorta inconvenient to the Resistance movement when it comes to Mueller and his investigation. And if any of them bother to read her piece (since it’s not written in crayon with a bunch of pictures we’re going to guess they won’t) they will absolutely lose it because Mueller is their last great hope to take out Trump who they still haven’t forgiven for beating their queen.

As usual, Strassel nailed it.

From WSJ:

If there is only “one set of rules,” where is Mr. Mueller’s referral of a case against Hillary for America? Federal law requires campaigns to disclose the recipient and purpose of any payments. The Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to compile a dossier against Mr. Trump, a document that became the basis of the Russia narrative Mr. Mueller now investigates. But the campaign funneled the money to law firm Perkins Coie, which in turn paid Fusion. The campaign falsely described the money as payment for “legal services.” The Democratic National Committee did the same. A Perkins Coie spokesperson has claimed that neither the Clinton campaign nor the DNC was aware that Fusion GPS had been hired to conduct the research, and maybe so. But a lot of lawyers here seemed to have been ignoring a clear statute, presumably with the intent of influencing an election.

Of the seven U.S. citizens Mr. Mueller has charged, five have been accused of (among other things) making false statements to federal officials. But there have been no charges against the partisans who made repeated abjectly false claims to the FBI and Justice Department about actions of their political opponents. There have been no charges against those who leaked classified information, including the unprecedented release of an unmasked conversation between former national security adviser Mike Flynn and a Russian ambassador. Nothing.

Huh, it seems the investigation is a tad on the politically motivated side, eh?

You’d think with one set of rules there would be investigations all around.

What he said.

They’d be better off just admitting Trump’s biggest crime was winning the election.


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