Yesterday leftist social media exploded in a cloud of rage, patchouli, and glitter over Ron DeSantis warning Florida not to ‘monkey up’ the state with a socialist platform by electing his opponent, Andrew Gillum. Who happens to be black. Now, was the wording a seriously poor choice? YES. Especially in this climate. But do we really think he was being this blatantly and stupidly racist? No.

But the Left is like rabid dogs when it comes to anything that could possibly be seen as RACIST from the Right, and this was definitely some raw meat for them. Even was feeding the hysteria …

OOOOOOMG. Seriously?!?!

Maybe should look up what the phrase means before they jump on the racist bandwagon?

Just sayin’.

When even the resource section is woke … yikes.

What’s next? SJW sets of Encyclopedia?

Ooh, ooh, we know! It rhymes with pictionary cot mom.

What an exceptionally stupid time to be alive.


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