Over the past few days, the usual suspects of ‘Twitter Trolldom’ have ganged up on Salena Zito.

Yes, you read that right, Salena Zito.

One of the most well-respected, well-liked, and objective journos out there … attacked by a group of anonymous haters accusing her of everything under the sun. Salena wrote a fairly EPIC and long thread defending herself and her work and we absolutely encourage folks to take a look at ALL of it.

The account was trying to make it look like Salena was scared of him (her?) with a block, which it sounds like from this thread was a lie.


Here’s where she really started breaking things down:

And after seeing what these folks are trying to do to Salena, who could blame them?

Get it girl.

Seth and Bethany Mandel, and other Conservatives stood up for Salena and defended her (Bethany went as far as to take the ‘hate-thread’ in question apart tweet by tweet), but even today there are dozens of low-follow, anonymous accounts talking smack about Salena, some even claiming she should be fired.

And yet Salena continues to write and work while the haters screech into the Twittersphere.

Deal with it.


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