There is so much noise about what is happening with Trump, Russia, Cohen, the FBI, Hillary, China, Steele … it’s all starting to read like stereo instructions.

Written in Japanese.

Rep. Jim Jordan spelling out the mess with the FBI (what they knew and HID from the Court) point by brutal point though is pretty damn startling to say the least:

Not a GREAT look, FBI.

You either, Grammy Clinton.

Wanna know how we know this was bad for the Resistance? Look at their reaction to Jim’s tweet (they seriously lost their shiznit).


True story, 95% of their tweets on this thread are accusing Jim of doing and knowing horrible things, much of which has already been disproven or retracted but it’s not like any of them actually care about reality.

Otherwise, they’d be as alarmed as we are with this FBI business.

Remember that thing we said about stereo instructions? ^


How was any of this disproven, by whom, and when?

Asking for a friend.

So it’s Jeb’s fault that Hillary paid for the Dossier?


The mental gymnastics these people put themselves through to stick to their sad little narrative is impressive, and not in a good way.


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