Well, thank goodness Michael Cohen has that GoFundMe because clearly he’d STARVE otherwise …

Nobody should have to live in such squalor.


From Page Six:

Diners at Le Bilboquet were stunned to see President Trump’s fixer-turned-antagonist Michael Cohen show up for dinner just hours after pleading guilty to eight charges and testifying that Trump had instructed him to commit a felony.

A spy at the trendy Upper East Side haunt said, “It was definitely a shock when I saw him out after the big news,” adding that Cohen — who had earlier in the afternoon claimed under oath that Trump told him to make illegal payments to silence Trump mistresses — “honestly seemed pretty relaxed, surprisingly.”

Scumbags are gonna scumbag.

Did we mention they’re suckers?

Dude can purchase a nearly 7 million dollar apartment but needs a GoFundMe for legal fees. Raise your hand if you’re not surprised Hillary’s good friend Lanny Davis is basically ripping people off because he knows Trump hate sells.


Just hand them a little glitter glue and a crotcheted pink vagina hat and they’re all set.

And Lanny knows this.

He’s a friend of Hillary’s so color us not shocked that he knows how to rip people off.

It’s a disgusting, incestuous mess at that level.

But Trump and stuff.


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