Shannon Watts is so tough harping on Dana Loesch behind her safe little block. It’s one thing to debate someone you disagree with on a regular basis, it’s quite another to do it like a coward behind a block, pandering to followers as a means to pretend she’s super tough calling out the NRA’s spokeswoman.

For example, Dana pointing out that the location where a shooting took place yesterday in Jacksonville was a gun-free zone freaked Shannon out because that goes against her mantra that all guns are bad, m’kay, and that somehow the NRA is responsible once again.

Oooh, yeah, use Mother Jones as a source because that’s not biased.

This woman.

Actually yes, yes there are six million members.


We’re not entirely sure why John Leguizamo decided to try his hand at slamming Dana but it didn’t go so hot for him either even though he tagged everyone and their dog when it comes to gun control fanatics.


Such a drama queen.

Guess John wants guns to be super double banned … or something.

Dana even defended the gamers being blamed for violence:

Clearly there wasn’t enough security.

But that won’t stop Shannon and other gun-harpies from blaming the NRA.

So predictable.


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