Jeffery Toobin is a ‘legal analyst’ for CNN.

Which really tells us all we need to know …

From Mediaite:

“Who does the president attack on Twitter constantly? African Americans,” Toobin said. “Whether it’s the UCLA basketball team, whether it’s the NFL football players, whether it’s our colleague Don Lemon, LeBron James. It’s always black people that he’s attacking. Not exclusively, but to a disproportionate extent, he’s attacking black people.”

Toobin added specifically that putting down an African American’s intelligence is “a classic racist accusation.”

Except Toobin is wrong.

So wrong.

In fact, Toobin went from wrong to right to wrong again, that’s how wrong he is.

@EducatedHillbilly took his nonsense APART:

Gosh, Jeb isn’t black.

Neither of these men is black either.

While both Joe and Mika might be dumb as a rock, they’re both white people.

James is definitely a white dude and a super tall one at that.

Oh well, Matt Lauer is black… wait, nope, he’s not.

Huh, could Toobin have been full of it?


Good one, Trump.

And these are just tweets attacking the intellect of people …

Womp womp, Toobin.

Another dumb take.


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