Remember this guy? He attacked Chris and Dana Loesch a few months back, making disgusting and vile accusations against the couple; he went on to eventually block Chris and of course, this editor.

What’s most shocking to us is the number of people who actually follow and buy this guy’s BS …

Take for example this completely fabricated ‘breaking news’ he claims he was told about the FBI files on Kavanaugh:

Because you know, the FBI just tells people about their concerns when it comes to SCOTUS nominees.

By the way, this is completely false.

But you knew that.

Too bad the THOUSANDS of people who fav’d and retweeted his nonsense are so easily conned.

But then again, it is the Left.

Awww that’s right.

Good ol’ Harry Reid who the Left has to thank for the almost guaranteed Kavanaugh confirmation set the standard it seems.

Narrator: It’s not true.

  1. The sources don’t exist
  2. Because it’s BS

Crazy talk, right?


And likely the ‘rando’ who told him this ‘breaking’ news doesn’t even exist.

Good times.


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