There are some NASTY trolls on Twitter.

In other news, a pig’s backside is still pork.

And somehow these same nasty trolls always find Chris and Dana Loesch (well, they seem to find this editor too and BLOCK HER but that’s a different story). Take for example Pesach ‘Pace’ Lattin who went on a fairly repugnant attack on both Chris and Dana, for what reason we’re not entirely sure. Probably out of boredom and a desperate need for attention, even the negative kind.

Of course, then the tough guy deleted some tweets and locked down BUT we were able to grab most of them (note, if you see only copy this is because at the time of this writing the said troll is still locked down on Twitter).

Seems to be a go-to insult for many a tolerant progressive.

He wasn’t missing much.

Of course, once Chad called Pace out for his nasty attack he went so far as to THREATEN Greene in a private message …

Ahem, hey Twitter? THIS is what you should be worried about on your website, actual threats. Not if some goofball said the word ‘pansy’ in a tweet.

And while they’re at it, they should probably take a look at who is supporting this targeting of Chris and Dana … like Rosie O’Donnell.

She’s all class these days, ain’t she?

See? Class.

Notice how Twitter is all but allowing Pace to sexually harass Chris … because he’s a man. How quickly do you think a right-winger would get suspended permanently for speaking to a Liberal woman like this?

From what we can see, Chris never called this person a cuck.

Notice how he threatens the Loesches here again …

Someone, please get this guy a Dictionary.



Stop it.

But there was more.

This is what trolls do.

And then they delete tweets (which he did) and/or lock their accounts (which he also did).

WOMP WOMP. Cowardly troll is COWARDLY.

At the end of all of this noise (and trust us, there was a WHOLE LOT MORE from this peach of a guy), Dana Loesch spoke up for her husband, who spends a good deal of time defending his wife from crazy.

Love how they support and defend one another from the crazy.


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