The next time someone on the Left tells you how intolerant and bigoted the Right is, send them the results of this survey taken of Dartmouth students.


Over half of the students who identify as Democrats said they would NOT befriend another student who disagreed with them politically. Take note, only 12% of students who identified as Republicans said the same …

But wait, there’s more.

Just freakin’ WOW. Eight of 10 students who are Democrats wouldn’t date someone with different political opinions, while half that many Republicans agreed.

It only gets worse.

Holy Hell.

Nearly all students who are Republicans at Dartmouth feel they can’t say what they really believe.

But tell us more about how it’s the Right who is censoring and trying to silence people they disagree with.

So damning.

Not shocking if you’re a Republican, we’ve known this for over a decade.

All day that. ^

We’re not sure we’ve seen a more truthful statement about Democrats, maybe ever.

It is a religion and those of us who don’t agree are cast out.



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