Another day, another stupid tweet from Kamala Harris.



The GOP seems to be determined to take out Sen. Baldwin this fall. According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, over $10 million in outside money has already been spent by Republican groups against Sen. Baldwin or for candidates running against her, while only a little over $1 million has been spent on Baldwin.

While the challenges against her in this year’s race are formidable, she still has a path to victory given her incumbency advantage, increased Democratic enthusiasm to vote, and Wisconsin voters’ disapproval of Trump. That said, this year’s race will certainly still be a fight. We sat down with Sen. Baldwin and Griffin to discuss the unprecedented level of campaign money being spent against Sen. Baldwin, the political landscape for LGBTQ+ candidates, and why HRC now has a full-time team on the ground in Wisconsin.

We dunno, maybe the GOP wants to beat her because she’s a Democrat?

Kamala, this was low even for you.

Democrats are facing a serious narrative issue this fall. It’s hard to run against a thriving economy, more money in Americans’ pockets, all while openly pushing to raise taxes on 80% of Americans.

They need some gimmick.


Kamala wouldn’t know a real source if it fell out of the sky, landed on her face and started to wiggle.

Watch us.

It’s all she knows.

She really is.

To be fair, identity politics is about all the Democrats know how to campaign on, so in their weird world, this makes absolute sense.

What he said.


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