Brian Stelter has really done a fantastic job of making himself look even more ridiculous than usual over the past couple of weeks with his silly Melania Trutherism. First, he shared some calendar about how many days had gone by since she was seen in public (which was wrong), then he said the story wasn’t that she was ‘missing,’ but whether or not there is a story to do about her missing …

Or something.

And now he’s complaining about how the right-wing media did the same thing.

He’d really be better off just moving on to some other story.

Brian literally just compared himself to Alex Jones in an attempt to dunk on the right-wing media.

If this wasn’t so hilarious we’d ALMOST feel sorry for him.


After Brian spent the day complaining about how tweeting is not the media or something? Like we said, this guy has had a rougher than usual last two weeks and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better anytime soon.

Hrm, did we find Trump’s sock account?

OH, WE’RE JUST KIDDING, settle down.



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