Every once in a while we have to spend an entire article making fun of virtue-signaling rage harpies on the Left because they just make it SO DAMN EASY. At this moment, ‘No Gays Allowed’ is trending, and all because several Lefties can’t be bothered to actually READ beyond a headline.

This is the story they’re sharing that sparked the trend …

That is absolutely repugnant.

And shame on Obama for not doing more for the gay community in 2015 WHEN IT HAPPENED.


If only Obama had done more for this community, right?

Remember when Obama ‘evolved’ and decided he was for gay marriage RIGHT before the election in 2012?

Good times.

It started three years ago, chief.


2015 folks.

This level of stupid really should be painful.


Actually, that was the past with the Democrats, but nice try.

They are really doubling down on this.




Man, Obama really failed the gays, right?

Editor’s note: The story these folks should be sharing is that this same shop owner called the ruling a win and put his sign back up, instead they went with the more dramatic attempt at garnering attention from 2015.

C’est la vie. 


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