Twitter used to be a place where everyone got along.

OMG, we are so kidding, but truth be told, even though Twitter was pretty horrible while Obama was president, there wasn’t quite the amount of infighting we’re seeing going on with a President Trump. There is no rule that says since Trump is a supposed Republican that Republicans have to like him, but watching some cliques on Twitter constantly punching anyone who gives the president credit when he does something well gets really old really fast.

And boy howdy, does this thread from @CaptYonah spell it out PERFECTLY.

That. ^

And maybe we’re confused but isn’t the whole point of being on Twitter to get attention in the first place? If someone tells you they don’t tweet for retweets and fav’s they are full of it.

Just sayin’.


Told you this is good.


Oh, our sides.

Ok, full transparency. This editor herself was very much Never Trump during the primaries and even into the election, but when he won it became evident to her that we must find a way to work with what we have. That and thank GOD Hillary isn’t president.

There is no shame in crediting the president when he does something right, and calling him out when he does something wrong.

That’s not selling out, that’s not begging for retweets, that’s not click bait.

That’s common sense.

Thanks big time to @CaptYonah for this thread. *CLAPS*


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