When you say stupid things and they come back to haunt you … BIGLY.

President Trump shared this very HONEST video on Twitter today and as you can imagine, the Resistance was thrilled after seeing it.


Hillary said Trump’s policies would throw us into a recession and Obama said we should just give up on certain jobs ever coming back.


OMG, if only the Left would acknowledge this and move on. We hardly blame Trump for illustrating how wrong both Hillary and Obama were about his policies though.

And speaking of the Left, they are certainly having a banner day on Twitter:

Sad, sad resistance.

These people are so EASY to trigger.

And really, if the country being successful is a bad thing because you hate the president it MIGHT be time to take a step back and rethink your stances and ideals.

Psh, Twitter will give those blue checks to anyone on the Left.

Which woman? Obama or Hillary?


And trust us, we would all love if Hillary just went away.


Her poor dad.

They’re so MAD.



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