Earlier today, Twitchy covered MELODRAMATIC Lefties posting a three-year-old story about a hardware store owner who had a ‘No Gays Allowed’ sign in his window.

Let us repeat that … three years old.

Yeah. They posted it SO much that, ‘No Gays Allowed’ TRENDED.

Leave it to the frothy, angry, emotional Left to ignore the date on the article so they could push their ridiculous narrative that the SCOTUS ruling about the Colorado baker somehow inspired all of this LGBTQ hatred.

And duh.

Don’t take OUR word for it harpies, listen to USA Today.

Just guess how the Left reacted to THIS tweet …

Sure, it’s USA Today’s fault that people didn’t read the date on the story and pushed it as a narrative.

Dude, didn’t you know? It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault with these folks.

In other words, this person wants USA Today to support their narrative.

Adorbs, ain’t it?



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