Chris Cuomo said all of this with a straight face.

And CNN wonders why we make fun of them.


“Two wrongs and what is right.”

Alrighty then.

What’s really pathetic about this piece though is that Chris doesn’t actually understand why only a couple dozen losers showed up for the white supremacy ‘rally.’ He thinks it’s because they’ve ‘exposed them’ but anyone with half a brain (maybe less) knows that the movement was always small, fringe, and pointless from the get-go. The Left so desperately wants to paint the Right as white supremacists that they ignore the reality of who and what Antifa is. There were journalists who were literally attacked this past weekend … is Chris saying they were evil since Antifa ‘fought’ them?

Glenn Beck summed it up perfectly.


Sounds like MORE than a few of us have figured it out.

He’s a peach.

He sounded so big and bad. Like he’d be out there reporting if more evil white supremacists had shown up?


We’re still laughing.


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