It’s rare that this editor writes about TWO blue-check men who have her blocked, but lo and behold, both Patrick and Philippe musta gotten their britches all bunched up somewhere along the line …

And considering they’re advocating punching Nazis while at the same time considering anyone they disagree with a Nazi, it’s probably a good thing both of these tough guys are hiding from a girl.

See for yourself.

Oooh skeeeery.

From the guy who uses a block list. *eye roll*

Yeah ding-a-ling, there are adults who know you don’t go around punching people you disagree with, this ain’t rocket science. Now, if you want to talk about actual Nazis that’s entirely different, but in Philippe’s world we’re guessing anyone who doesn’t support his progressive horse manure is considered a Nazi.

That would mean he actually has to do something besides be a smug troll on Twitter.



What if someone decides he’s a Nazi? Does that mean people can punch him?

Asking for a friend.

Painfully dumb, right?


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