There are certain tweets that will forever be the stuff of Twitter LEGEND. From Ted Cruz mocking Deadspin over basketball to basically any stupid thing Chelsea Handler tweets, Twitter has been filled with many, many ‘gems’ over the years.

Like this memorable tweet from Alyssa Milano that James Woods shared in order to celebrate its one year anniversary:

This tweet is GOLD. And dadgummit! We missed the anniversary as well. We’re slackers.

We don’t recall Alyssa ever actually sharing photos of said elves making Nazi salutes (and most of these elves have their hands sewn together so it likely didn’t happen) but we’ll never forget her distraught and troubled tweet. NOT THE ELVES.




So moving.

Hey man, it’s never too early.

Hey hey! Ho ho! These Nazi elves have got to go!

Antifa elves! NOOOOOOO.

And to think, this site is still free.


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