Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking about herself in the third person?

That’s it. Campaigning has finally gotten to her … guess that’s what happens when you claim you’re just a girl.

And PLEASE, until she can explain how she really and truly will pay for healthcare (and now a living wage?!) for all, she needs to stifle on this noise:

What the heck is a feminist company?

Oh, and notice how she says ‘until then’ which means until she can somehow manipulate the govt to take over private industry and force socialism on this country. What she fails to understand is that this is a private company choosing to do these things so there is no real reason for the government to force the issue.

Women can be parents … she could have just said parents. *shrug*

So leave private industry alone to make its own choices and decisions. Yay capitalism!

Socialism sucks.

Capitalism rules.

The end.

Because she’s just a girl, duh.

Especially when it comes to socialism.


Because she is an advocate for raising taxes and as any good Conservative will tell you, taxation is theft.


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