Senator Chris Murphy thinks Trump inherited a strong economy from Obama.

Oh … our sides.

What do you wanna bet he spent the entire eight years of economy SUCKAGE under BO blaming Bush?


Sad, pandering, desperate Chris. We get it, man. Democrats are sucking wind right now, at their lowest point since the 1920’s, so you’re trying desperately to save face but nope. Fact is, the only people who would remotely buy this load of BS already credit Obama for everything good in the world anyway.

This will convince no one to vote for Democrats in the midterms.

Womp womp.

If he spins any more he’ll spin himself into the truth and we can’t have that, right?

From CNBC:

Workers looking for fatter paychecks had their best year in 2017 since before the financial crisis, according to a government report Wednesday.

The Employment Cost Index, a measure of salary and benefit costs, registered a 2.6 percent gain for the full year, tied for the best since 2007, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

President Donald Trump’s first full year in office saw gains that easily outdistanced any year for his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose best showing was the 2.2 percent increases in 2016 and 2014. Six of Obama’s eight years in office saw gains of 2 percent or less.

 The ECI numbers match other indicators that show wage inflation is heading higher.

Many of these were jobs Obama claimed would never come back, so how the heck can Murphy credit him with this?

THAT’s right, he’s full of it.

Our bad.


Hey, he said ‘with all due respect’, so yeah …

And he tried so hard.

Because Democrat.

It’s like a moral imperative or something.


Truth hurts. *shrug*


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