If the Left says you’re a good Conservative, you’re not.

Sorry, it’s not personal, it’s just reality.

The only so-called Conservatives the Left likes are the ones who support their agenda and narrative while pretending not to, sort of like Jennifer Rubin. Although to be fair, in our humble opinion Jennifer stopped pretending several months ago, it’s just outlets like The Hill that continue to perpetuate the convenient lie.

See what we mean?

Notice they don’t put her name in the headline because they know if they do they might as well remove the ‘Conservative’ part. The Hill really is awful.

From The Hill:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so concerned that people aren’t nice to her,” Rubin told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.” “And people like me think that — not that she should be harassed — but that she should be shunned. The reason is that she lies.”

She continued …

“She attacks our free press and no respectable employer should hire her after this term,” Rubin continued. “Also, no university and no news outlet. She has lied and she has endangered the lives of reporters and that’s why she should be shunned. Not harassed — shunned.”

Who died and made her God? Seriously.

We’re surprised Jennifer can get in a car by herself since she has to share it with her ego. Unreal.

Jason even said please.

She’s the Left’s favorite Conservative for a reason.


We know, and so does she.

Imagine the fit people would throw if Sarah Sanders went after Rubin this way? Wanting her shunned? They’d call her LITERALLY HITLER and accuse her of wearing a brown shirt and then somehow tie it all into Russia.

Ok SMOD, any day now.


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