Charlie Kirk shared what is honestly a lovely black and white photo of Jim Acosta at a Trump rally …

You know the one Trump rally where he was lucky to escape with his life?

Look at those evil Trump supporters shaking his hand, it was probably all a TRAP to somehow get him because you know, Trump supporters are super violent and threatening.

Jim was none too happy with Charlie for posting this picture:


As he sanctimoniously lectures Charlie about being kind to his fellow Americans.

Gosh, sounds like someone got a little triggered.


But that doesn’t fit his narrative so he got fussy when Charlie pointed it out.


Not at all.

He’s a drama queen.

Sorry, truth hurts.

He looks terrified.

And speaking of terrifying, check out Jim’s white knights on this thread:

Being yelled and screamed at doesn’t mean your life is in danger.

And sorry, Jim looks super content and comfortable in the photo.


This is one of those perfect opportunities for a, ‘Your mom’ joke, right?

Awww, poor Jim.

Is that before or after he runs into burning buildings because he’s such a hero? Asking for a friend.

Word salad.

Yummy yummy.

These people.


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