James Woods was good enough to share a video of the New York Times’ newest superstar, Sarah Jeong, where she appears to be giving a speech of some sort at Harvard … watch.

‘Everything is implicitly organized see the world … specifically how white men see the world. This is why so many things suck.’

Talk about a scholar.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, super hire, NYT.

And Ann Coulter just dropped the mic of all mics on Sarah’s nonsense.

Too bad Sarah probably has her blocked or she might actually learn something here.

Troubled times indeed.

She’s not exactly a great marketing tool for either Harvard or the New York Times unless of course, their goal is to own the SJW, cat-hoarding demographic.

Fair point. This editor isn’t always a fan of Ann’s posts but she’s spot on right here. To vilify an entire group of people based on sex and skin color sounds a LOT like racism and bigotry to us …

But you know, we didn’t go to Harvard so what do we know?



And curtain.


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