Democrats are doing an exceptional job of losing the support of Black Americans, at least according to this latest poll from Rasmussen Reports. According to the poll, Trump’s popularity with this much cherished demographic the Left seems to think they own has nearly DOUBLED.

See for yourself:


You think black Americans have figured out that Democratic policies just feed dependence and poverty? Sounds like it. Not to mention a large part of the reason Trump won in the first place was he appealed to some on the Left.

This is gonna be FUN.

But we thought that whole #WalkAway movement was filled with trolls, bots, and Russians.

Huh, who knew?

Oh, that’s right, we did.

Not unfair.

Eh, maybe not that exactly, but they are the party of a better economy and jobs.

Can’t argue that point when the economy is growing at the fastest rate since the 1960’s.

You’re welcome, Democrats.


Democrats are in TROUBLE.



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