The only way Democrats can get people to support or vote for them is by terrifying them.

We suppose that makes sense for a party whose platform is based on limiting the rights of legal Americans while raising their taxes. So, instead of working on their failed and ignorant ideas, they try and scare their base into supporting them, even if they know they’re not really doing anything to better their lives.

It’s all about staying in power for them, so of course, they’re freaking out about another SCOTUS who takes the Constitution at face value.

Like Brett Kavanaugh.

Horrifying things?

Which things? LOL.

You know, supporting the law of the land aka the Constitution is only horrifying to people who don’t get it … like Zuker.

Oh look, his take is ALMOST as stupid as Chelsea’s. Almost


Most of which aren’t being hidden, they’re just irrelevant where he’s copied on an email or some other piece that has nothing to do with his history as a justice.

But you know, the Left is determined to stall and keep them from voting before the midterms, even though it’s looking more and more like their blue tidal wave is nothing more than a wading pool.

Of course it doesn’t make a difference, but Chelsea, Zuker, and others on the Left are DESPERATE to keep this from being voted on before the midterms because they don’t care about the SCOTUS, they care about politics.

And resisting, whatever the heck that means these days.


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