Even before it came to light that Sarah Jeong tweeted a bunch of hateful and racist things about white people, it appears she had a habit of blocking people who probably agreed with her.

Perhaps when you go through life judging people on the color of their skin instead of the content of their character you forget to acknowledge those who support you and helped you to get where you are.

Plenty of these people don’t know why she blocked them … and yet they still support her and called those angry with her, ‘villains.’

Sad, ain’t it?

Notice how most of them are blaming Trump? And yikes, did the one talk about Satan-worshipping Communist pedophiles?

Maybe we’re starting to understand WHY she blocked some of these people, EL OH EL.

It’s sort of reminds us of folks who say they had it comin’.


But it wasn’t her fault! It was Trump’s!

No wait, it was the WHITE MAN’S fault. That’s the ticket!


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