Brit Hume better be careful how he tweets about Cory Booker, he might send T-Bone after him.

If you’d have told this editor years ago that politics, in general, would be as interesting if not more so than any daytime soap opera she’d have rolled her eyes and laughed at you … but yeah.

American politics is LIT.

When Brit is right, he’s right. And BOY HOWDY was he RIGHT here.

From The Daily Caller:

Senator Cory Booker was photographed holding a sign bearing a pro-Palestinian movement slogan. The image appeared on the Twitter feed of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a self-described “coalition of 330+ groups” working “for a US policy toward Palestine/Israel based on freedom, justice, and equality.”

“From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go,” the sign read.

Booker, however, claims he wasn’t aware that the sign called for an end to the border wall between Israel and the Palestinian territory, but rather only a U.S. border wall with Mexico.


Dude. C’mon.

Sort of.



‘Nuff said.


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