Imagine going to the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ to support their local law enforcement at a rally only to return to your vehicle in this condition …


It’s more than just his tires being slashed, but dents all over his car, mirrors destroyed … and for what? Having Trump bumper stickers? Or did someone recognize Scott Presler as the young Conservative superstar he is when he got out of his vehicle?

No words.

Some were so angry they offered to start a GoFundMe to help buy Scott a tank (or some new tires), and he declined with a far better suggestion:

All the Left had to do was not be crazy.

Luckily for the Right, all the Left really knows HOW to do is be crazy, as evident in the destruction of Scott’s car.

And even though Scott turned down the support, that hasn’t stopped people from offering to help.

Because you know, Republicans are such horrible and hateful people.

Monsters even.

We keep pointing this out to the Resistance, that their behavior is all but re-electing Trump, but they just don’t get it.

Thank goodness.

We’re pretty sure Scott has no intention of giving up anytime soon.


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